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The Motor Skill Education series is ideal for various age group, and meets the demand of motorskill development and theme-based exercises. Made in Taiwan.

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The Motor Skill Universal Set is a kit that allows parents and teachers to create lots of activities for the children. We can create obstacle courses for them to cross over or crawl under and jump through. This colourful set also allow children to identify colours and practise their motor skills movement when they try to fix up their own play activities. Made in Taiwan.

  • Motor Skill Universal Set allows parents/teachers to create different play activities for the children every time.
  • The children can also set up the obstacle courses on their own as the components are light and can be easily set up. This trains the motor skills and creativity of the children.
  • This group of components can be used separately or in combination to provide a platform for children to improve their physical skills.
  • Motor Skill Universal Set can also be used together with other Weplay products to create more interesting obstacle course for the children.
  • Motor Skill Universal Set consists of the following:
    • Half brick (12 pieces),
    • Brick (8 pieces),
    • Balance beam (4 pieces),
    • 35cm hoop (4 pieces),
    • 60cm hoop (4 pieces),
    • 35cm pole (16 pieces),
    • 70cm pole (8 pieces),
    • Clip A (12 pieces),
    • Clip B (12 pieces),
    • Bean Bags (10 pieces),
    • Footprint (6 pairs),
    • Handprint (6 pairs),
    • Guide book (1 copy),
    • A storage bag which measures 71 x 81.5 x 13cm.
  • Set of 109 pieces.
  • Using spatial variation and different activities, the motor skill universal set can create an ideal obstacle course for the children in limited space.


Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 85 × 58.5 × 18 cm


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